Google I/O 2017

On wednesday Google hosted their I/O conference where they announced

In stats they announced that they passed 2 billion active android users. Last year youtube passed 1 billion hours watched last year

In products gmail on android and iOS will now have smart replies

In android google lens allows identifies stuff like restaurants and passwords form routers from photos(the router password probably uses data from the device) when it sees a restraint sign it uses your location to bring up information about the restaurant like reviews. This would be in the photos app. Google Assistant will be coming to Android Auto later this month. Finally notification badges are coming to android. Password autofill also coming. Maps, Netflix and, more are getting picture and picture. In Android security, Google Play Protect is the service that has been protecting android users from bad apps. In Android battery, Android Vitals  dev tools to indicate how much battery their apps use. GBoard now supports transliteration

Google also talked about their autodraw AI software which predicts what you’re drawing while you’re drawing. Try it at Tell me how it turns out.

In the realm of Google Assistant you can now get it on any android phone. Google Assistant can now be used on text and also use Google Lens. Now Google Assistant can be used on iPhone. For all you developers Assistant can now be emended into devices other than phones like appliances. Actions On Google is like Alexa Skills but lots more and payments also on phones. This summer Google Home will be available in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and, Japan. Voice calling coming to Google Home can call ANY LANDLINE FOR FREE!!!!! (US and Canada only) you can set it to dial from your phone number by voice recognition. Spotify free and soundcloud support.

In Google Photos, now you can make photo books in Google Photos. Suggested Sharing predicts who you’d want to share photos with. Here’s how Google explains shared libraries

In YouTube, on YouTube you will now be able to view 360 video on TVs. They also announced that they will release an API for SuperChat

In VR,  Samsung is adding DayDream to the S8 and S8+. Google announced standalone Daydream devices. HTC will be building one.

You will be able to access all of google’s AI information at

Public Beta avalible today at