Nintendo Switch Review 

I got my Nintendo Switch about 2 months ago and I love it. The library of games is decent Zelda is great(I might eventually right a full review of it) and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which realeced Friday(the best selling video game of the year so far) the indie games are good though.

The system its self us decent it doesn’t have the same amount of processing power and frame rate as the other consoles of this generation. But it still works well it’s a tablet what else could expect from a tablet.

The Switch has some features that wirk decently well like the lan multiplayer and the EShop finally saves purchased games to be downloaded to other consoles that your Nintendo account is connected to.

But on the downside its internet connectivity is sometines slowand the wifi connection indcator sonetimes inacurately shows network strenght.

I’d say that if you are a fan of Nintendo you should definitly buy it but if not look at the game lineup I’d still say its a good buy but if you like sports games wait until next year. I’d give it a rating of solid 86