The Effect Of Cell Phones On Your Health

There have been multiple thoughts about how cellphones affect your health. Like that they cause cancer and that that the effect your sleep .

A few years ago at the University Of Ohio a study took place looking at the the effects of cellphones on sleep. Between the ages of 18-39 they used their phones for a mean of 46.6 minutes per night. It deduced that:

  • Media use might make it take longer to fall asleep (2).
  • Media use might mean less time spent sleeping, thus reducing sleep (3).
  • Bright light emitted by electronic devices might impact sleep quality (4).
  • Light exposure might be temporarily activating you.

There is one massive rumour involving cellphones and health that has been disproven. Its that cellphones cause cancer. Earlier this year scientists did a study with rat, they exposed them to radiation. The result was actually the rats dying later.