Pokemon Sun And Moon Review

Pokémon Sun And Moon were released two weeks ago. I just finished the game.Therewere lots of changes like gyms becoming trials, the festival plaza, and the PokePeligo.There are also lots of new Pokémon.

The trials are really fun but hard . It’s a nice change but I miss gyms. How they work is you do a task assigned by the trial captain than battle the totem Pokémon. The trials tasks were interesting but fun and sometimes hard. 

The festival plaza is good if adds a social aspect to battling and trading. It’s like the streetpass mii plaza.

The PokePeligo is where Pokémon go when they are in the PC. In the PokePeligo there are multiple islands. On the first Island you unlock your Pokémon harvest Pokebeans which act as the courency to unlock and level up islands. Other islands include harvesting berries, finding items, and leveling up your Pokémon.