Nintendo 3DS Direct

Today Nintendo held their 1st direct since February  in which they announced a lot. such as new alolan forms of Pokemon for Sun and Moon, like Rattata. There was also a  giveaway announced. They  will be giving away a munchlax from launch to January 11th .

Also announced super Mario maker fo 3DS. features like 100 Mario challenge and course world return. But course world will not be searchable but not by course id. Bu courses would be sharable by StreetPass and local wireless new features include the ability to collaborate with you friends building courses. available November 7th, 2016.

Next, Mario Party Star Rush. First, they announced a new game mode called Toad Scramble which is like that board game like mode in Super Smash. compatible with Mario series Amibos. Local download play with the free e-shop download of Mario Party Star Rush Guest Mode.

New StreetPass games include market crashes in which you are advised by other miis you have met and in Slotcar Rivals by competing by time

On Veterans Day Nintendo is releasing  the NES Classic Edition with games like the original Legend Of Zelda game and on December 2nd a set of four special edition Amibos commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Legend Of Zelda games.

Mario sports superstars include soccer, tennis, and horse racing. single player tournament and local multiplayer mode

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