This Week In Tech – Dec 6th 2020

This week there were a couple of major acquisitions, the Brazilian Government suffered a data breach, Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 888 chip and more in the other news section.


On Monday, Facebook announced that they are going to be acquiring PRM startup Kustomer. The details of this acquisition haven;t been announced so price and other details are unknown. This one is kind of surprising because of the antitrust investigation into Facebook. But that’s not the biggest acquisition announced this week, Salesforce announced that they are acquiring Slack for $27.7 billion. Slack will become part of Salesforce Customer 360.

Brazil Government Data Exposed

The personal information of more than 243 million Brazilians, including alive and deceased, has been exposed online after web developers left the password for a crucial government database inside the source code of an official Brazilian Ministry of Health’s website for at least six months.


Snapdragon 888

On Tuesday, Qualcomm announced details about the Snapdragon 888 their next generation mobile processor. The Snapdragon 888 uses uses SLPE’s 5nm process and is based on ARM’s new Cortex-X1 core. It gets a bunch of upgrades including 5G being integrated into the SoC and WIFI 6. The 888 also gains a new image signal processor for photography. Here’s a link to

Anadtech’s very detailed article about the 888

Other News

In other news, surprising everyone Apple dropped the MagSafe Dup charger on Tuesday, not surprising anyone FCC commissioner Ajit Pai announced that he’s leaving the FCC, the Facebook Oversight Board takes first case, and, high-quality budget IOT brand Wyze announced that they are releasing a fitness tracker smartwatch that will cost $20 US (I might review this product).

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