This Week In Tech – May 31 2020

This weeks article won’t be that long because this weekend I’ve been focusing on SpaceX DM-2. I plan to write a full article on it.

This week Trump and Twitter get into a mess, Trump signs an Executive Order regarding social media companies, there will be a PS4 event on Monday, Starlink signs with the US Army and, more in the Other News section.


It’s been a big week in space this week, after being scrubbed on Wednesday SpaceX and NASA successfully launched DM-2 yesterday. This was a milestone mission because it was the first manned commercial crew mission. This afternoon Dragon successfully docked with the ISS.

Trump vs Twitter

Early this week Trump posted on Twitter making claims about mail-in ballots. After that Twitter put a fact check marker on it claiming that its false which Trump complained about. This situation then leads to Trump threatening an executive order regarding Section 230 which he officially signed into law Thursday night. The order will be focused on in the next section of the post.

Social Media Executive Order

As mentioned earlier Trump signed an executive order to regulate Social Media companies and how they interact with section 230. Earlier I published an opinion by Leonard French host of the YouTube show Lawful Masses.

Link to the Piece

PS5 Event

On Friday, Sony announced that they are going to be holding an event later this week. This event will include game announcements and more details about the PS5. The event will be held on June 4th at 4 pm Eastern.


On Tuesday, SpaceX signed the US Army as a customer for Starlink under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement. This means that they can use Starlink as broadband on army work. This is also good for SpaceX because it allows them to test their services before taking it public.

Interesting Things of The Week

On Tuesday, Nilay Patel posted an interview that he did with Stuart Butterfield (CEO of Slack). The interview included many interesting quotes but the most important one was that he felt that “Microsoft is ‘unhealthily preoccupied with killing us’”

Other News

Also this week, Blizzard Cancels BlizzCon, Minecraft Dungeons is out and has good reviews, Wikipedia overhauls communities and, Virgin Orbit fails a flight test.

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