This Week In Tech – May 31 2020

This weeks article won’t be that long because this weekend I’ve been focusing on SpaceX DM-2. I plan to write a full article on it. This week Trump and Twitter get into a mess, Trump signs an Executive Order regarding social media companies, there will be a PS4 event on Monday, Starlink signs with the US Army and, more in the Other News section. DM-2 It’s been a big week in space this week, after being scrubbed on Wednesday SpaceX and NASA successfully launched DM-2 yesterday. This was a milestone mission because it was the first manned commercial crew mission. … Continue reading This Week In Tech – May 31 2020

Analysis Of The Social Media Executive Order

On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order that challenges the safe harbour protections given to social media companies. As I am not American nor a lawyer I asked YouTuber (host of Lawful Masses) and copyright lawyer Leonard French his opinion. Here’s what he said: It basically does nothing except order a nearly-meaningless review of social media platforms by the NTIA, FCC, FTC, and Attorney General. The strongest thing it does is attempt to remove advertising dollars that the Federal gov’t may have been spending on unnamed social media platforms that “violate free speech”. The worst consequence from that may … Continue reading Analysis Of The Social Media Executive Order