This Week In Tech 02/03-02/09/2019

This week There’s lots of Apple news, lots of Spotify mews, Lots of Samsung news and Apex Legends


Angela Arands leaving

On Tuesday, Apple sent out a press release saying that Angela Ahrands is leaving the conpany. She is courently the VP of retail, her job was basically running Apple Stores. She will be replaced by

Safari Updates

In an update to safari announced this week Apple said that they are going to remove Do Not Track mode from Safari/


Podcasting Aquisitions

On Wednsday, Spotify announced that they were aquiring two players in the podcasting business Anchor and Gimlet Media. Anchor is a platform that helps small podcasters start up by being easy to use.

New Terms

Earlier this week, Spotify announced changes to their Terms. The news terms grant them the rights to temporally or permanantly ban users who use ad-bolckers.

Samsung Leaks


Over the last week there have been lots of Samsung-related leaks:

On Wednesday a photo of the Samsung Galaxy Buds charcing on the back of the S10 was lwaked to Android Police.

On Monday, Android Central wrote that leaks say that they will launch four versions of the S10 including a 10th anniversary edition and they may also release a 5G version.

Apex Legends

On Wednsday, video game Apex Legends launched. After a couiple of days the game had 7 million users. This is really unusual  it usually takes a lot longer for games to get that many users.