This Week In Tech 10/21-10/27/2018

To preface since I couldn’t post last week we messed some big news; Apple had announced that thet are having an ecent this coming Tuesday in Broklyn. Last week the rumors said Apple was going to announce a new MacBook Air (or a replacment for that SKU) and a new Mac Mini. But the big thing rumoted is a new iPad Pro with a slim bezel and Face id (see image below).

New Apple iPad Pro models to feature a design inspired by the iPhone 5?

Now for the reguarly scheduled This Week In Tech.

This week there’s been lots of announcments, news, and rumors. Firstly, lots and lots of rumors from the upcoming Apple event. Also lots of Tesla news, the EU demands lots from the tech industry, Virgin Orbit is almost ready, a Pro Tip, The CO-Founder Of Oculus leaves Facebook, Microsofts aquisition of Github Closed and the streaming servis FilmStruck is closing.

Apple Event and Other Apple Rumors

Apple Event

Ming-Chi Kuo a well known and trusted industry analyst says that he thinks apple is going to ammounce a New iPad Mini. He also predicts a new updated Apple Pencil  It is also rumored that AirPower Apple’s smart wireless charging system may be launched at the event.

More Info About The Rumored iPad Pro

It is now being written pretty much everywhere that the new iPad Pro will ditch the Lightning jack for USB-C and may ditch the headphone jack.

Other Apple Rumor

Filally in Apple rumors, for the last year or so Apple has been working on original TV and movie productions. But what for, you ask? Here’s wjere the rumors come in. On Tuesday, The Infomation reported: that App;e is oing to launce a Netflix–style streaming service. It will launch in the US only than ont 100 countries.

Right To Repair

iFixit And Motorola

“On Tuesday, the company announced a new line of repair kits in partnership with iFixit. If your phone is damaged, or your battery is ailing, the company will send you a DIY rig with all the necessary tools for repair. The fix kits only apply to the company’s newer generation of Moto Z, Moto X, Moto G4/5 and Droid Turbo 2, and they all retail for remarkably lower than a new device at $40. You can also send your device to the company if you’re ill-equipped to tinker with it yourself. And while Motorola doesn’t explicitly invoke Right to Repair in its promotion, it’s clear how the move fundamentally supports it.”

Popular Mechanics


On Thursday, the US Copyright Office made a few exemptions to the DMCA that now allow customers and independant repair shops the right to repair electronics and cars   (a couple of things are exempt from the exemption). 

Tesla News

Now In The Green

On Wensday, Tesla had their earnings call. During the call they announced that they have profited for the first tim in a while.  During the call Elon Musk refreced the Model Y almost being ready for production.

Model Y

The Model Y is Tesla’s upcoming SUV The prototype is ready for production and is slated to realese in 2020. Update: Elon approved the prototype.



On Thursday, an EU resolution was passed “adequately protects users’ personal data”. The resolution also requests that Facebook also preforms a data audit.

Virgin Orbit

This week Virgin Orbit

Pro Tip

Google has made it a lot wasier to make new Google Drive files.

Here’s the full list of domains that can be used to pull up any of its productivity or collaboration tools:







New Beginnings And Ends


On Friday, Microsofts aquisition of GitHub that was announced in the spring has closed. The aquistion was for $7.5 billion and Git Hub will opperate independantly from Microsoft.


The niche streaming service FilmStruck is shutting down. This is most likely because they wer aquired by AT&T and might be merged into a similar program,

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