Made By Google 2018

They started off by listing off all the new annoncments: The Pixel 3, The Pixel Slate, and the Google Home Hub. Google Devices hove won over 45 design awards. Google is merging Nest back into Google.

First the Google Home Hub, it is Google’s smart display. Google first talked about their Smart Displays at CES (I think). I has a 8 inch displayThe UI actually looks really good. it is compatible with most thing the regular Home is. It has a feature that makes it act as a digital picture frame when not in use. Preorder today get on October 22 for $149 and six months free of YouTube premium. in the US, UK, and Canada

The next thing they announced was the Google Pixel Slate. you get 3 months of YouTube TV on them when you buy a PixelBook or Slate. it sounds loile oit has a bunch of RAM enough to run dev tools. The Google Slate is a Chrome Tablet. The folio case for it has a full bscklit keyboard and a trackpad. The Folio is $199 and the Slate is $599, later this year in The US, Canada, and the UK. The new Pixel Pen is $99.

The new Pixel comes in 2 sizes the Pixel has a – screen and the XL has a – screen. Camera comes with Pixel Core and night sight for petter smartphone photography. Preorder now for $799 and the Pixel Stand for $79