Nintendo Direct September 2017


First they talked about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with news Ultra Beasts and a new Nekrosna 2 form for each of the 2 main legendaries. new map locations and if you preorder you get a Lyconrock Dusk form. If you buy the Pokemon Gold and Silver on virtual console you get Celabi in any of the Alola region game. The game launches November 27 and a sepcial PokeBall version New 2DS XL launching November 3rd.

Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga is coming ro 3DS with a new game mode in which you play as one of Bowsers minions. Launching October 5th and new amiibos

Kirby Battle Royal is a Kirby multi-mode fighting game. launching January 19 2018

Tomorrow a new update comes out for the current versions of Yo-Kai Watch 2. With a final version coming out September 29th

Laytons Journey 3DS comes out October 4th with an exclusive outfit.

Minecraft is finally coming to 3DS out Today as an Eshop exclusive

A new Mario Party game with all the top minigames from all the past games with downloadplay, Mario Party: The Top 100 launches November 1oth

Metroid Samus Returns omes out Friday

Apolio Justice: Ace Aturney was announced

And Finally in for 3DS the orange and white New 2DS XL was announced October 6th


The first switch game they showed a trailer fot was XenoBlade Chronicles 2. It looks great, the graphics look really good. It just looks fun over all. Launching December 1. Also a special edition pro coltroller

In Splatoon 2 news their bringing a couple of new stages and a new weapon.Avalable Friday

Fire Emblem Wariers comes out October 20th and a special edition with the game, a sound track, and a postet and also new amiibos

SnipperClips Plus gettung a DLC/Plus version vith additional stages and a new gamemode. alsoo new worlds.Launching November 10th

Morphies Law I covered this game in the Nindies Event article launching this winter

Rocket Leauge gets a release date. With local multi-player and nintendo theamed cars releacing This Holiday

Areana Of Valour is a Game for Tencent a shooting game a MOBA .Free beta coming this winter.

Bethesda birngs Skyrim to Switch will release November 17th also Doom which will release this holiday, finnally Wolfenstien 2 which comes to Switch 2018

Nintendo is bringing bunch of thier arcade games to Switch the first being Mario bros which comes out September 27

Sports Games I’ve Already covered

Next came a switch exclusive by Square Enix. Its a fighting game it looks can play as 8 charecters which changes the story a bit. The game looks kind of fun but not the best possible. Coming with a demo out today.The game is called Octopath Traveler.

In Arms news a new charecterbased on a lolly pop named Lola Pop and remappable control in version 3. Avalable Now.

Dragon Quest Builder is a Sandbox game based in the world of Dragon Quest.Coming Spring 2018

Kirby Star Allies this game allows 3 way CO-OP and combo abilities. Coming Spring 2018

More games

SteamWorldDig 2: September 21st

Golf Story: This Year

Nine Parchments: Holiday 2017

Battle Chef Brigade: This Year

Tiny Metal: Date Unannounced

Super Meat Boy Forever: 2018

Lost Sphear: January 23 201

Sonic Forces; November 7th

Resident Evil Revelations1&2: November 28th

L.A. Noir: November

The lasr game they talked about was Super Mario Odasey. They ammounced 2 more kingdoms the Snow Kingdom and the. IF you are stuck talk to the Hinr Toad or Talkatoo for hints. Snapshot mode allows you to freeze time and take photos. Launching October 27th along with wedding themed amiibo and a Switch bundle.Also themed JoyCons and a themed carrying case

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