Nintendo Nindies Showcase: Summer 2017

A new Super Meat Boy game Super Meat Boy Forever is coming out on Switch next year

Then they talked about the final addition to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Coming 2018

The 4th game they talked about was Golf Story. Golf Story is an RPG that focuses on use of a golf club as the primary weapon. There is also actual golf to be played in the game. Coming this September 

The next game they talked about is called Floor Kids. It’s rhythm game based on break dancing. It launches this Holiday.

6th they talked a game called Wulver Blade. It’s an RPG based in Ancient Britain. Coming this September. 

The next game they talked about is Poly Bridge a bridge building simulator. Coming this Holiday.

The next game they showed was Kentucky Route Zero. Coming 2018. 

The next game they showed was a side scrolling shooter called Earth Atlantis. Based in the future after the great climate shift of the 21st century. You are one of the last survivors and need to save the world from monsters. Coming this fall. 

Next up a game from a new studio founded by a industry veteran. The game is called Next Up Hero. A community based fighting game where your fighting vilans and each time a player dies the game replaces them. The game also has a joycon co-op mode. Coming early 2018.

Then they announced the realese date for SteamWorld Dig 2. Coming September 21.

Then they showed Mulaka a platformer that takes place in the Taru Seira. 

Yono comes out in October 12. It’s a platformer. It looks really interesting. 

Then they talked about Dragon Marked For Death. It’s a side scrolling RPG. Coming this Winter. 

Then they announced a new shooter game called Morphine’s Law.

In light Fingers you play a fully minipulate including challenges. It looks like fun. 

The last game that was talked about is called No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again. A RPG about a guy who gets stuck in a video and how he gets out. There’s lots more story you’ll find out. Coming 2018. 

Link to the showcase