This Week In Tech – Dec 20th 2020

I’ve been very busy this week so I’ve not had time to write anything here are links to a few important stories of the week: FTC investigating data collection practices of tech companies SolarWinfs HackTwitter fined under GDPRTwitter is shutting down PeriscopeGoogle sued for antitrust twice this weekInstagram data leakUS Space Force official renamed to Guardians Continue reading This Week In Tech – Dec 20th 2020

This Week In Tech – Dec 13th 2020

This week there’s been lots of Uber news, the DOJ sued Facebook for antitrust and, Disney held their investors’ day where they talked a lot about their streaming strategy. Also, The Game Awards took place on Thursday and more in the Other News section. Uber News Over the last week, Uber announced that they sold off their Self-Driving car division and Joby Aviation. Both were very complicated deals that involved Uber acquiring stock in the companies that the divisions were sold to. I highly suggest reading the source articles I used to get a better idea about these deals. Facebook … Continue reading This Week In Tech – Dec 13th 2020

This Week In Tech – Nov 1, 2020

Firstly, I intended to write an article last week because I did not have time. Last week the US Department of Justice sued Google for anti-trust. Experts and journalists think that the suit was rushed and that it did not do a good job of establishing the problems that it focuses on search instead of advertising. They talk about business deals like Google paying Apple and Mozilla to be the default search engine on their given platforms. I agree, Big Tech should be dealt with, but I don’t think that anti-trust/monopoly law is how to deal with it. I plan … Continue reading This Week In Tech – Nov 1, 2020