CES 2021

CES All Virtual Edition was this week here are some things that were shown off. This year the conference took an all online format due to the pandemic and it wasn’t good. Overall the announcements were kinda dry this year but here some things that were announced there that I thought are cool or important: Infinity Game Table LG rolling transparent display TCL Rollable phone concept Intel announcements AMD 5000 Series mobile chips Asus Announces New Zenbook Duo Samsung announces new Exynos chips Samsung Bot Handy Razer’s Announcements Lenovo’s Announcements Acer’s announcements Dell announcements I’m too lazy to find all … Continue reading CES 2021

This Week In Tech – Nov 1, 2020

Firstly, I intended to write an article last week because I did not have time. Last week the US Department of Justice sued Google for anti-trust. Experts and journalists think that the suit was rushed and that it did not do a good job of establishing the problems that it focuses on search instead of advertising. They talk about business deals like Google paying Apple and Mozilla to be the default search engine on their given platforms. I agree, Big Tech should be dealt with, but I don’t think that anti-trust/monopoly law is how to deal with it. I plan … Continue reading This Week In Tech – Nov 1, 2020

AMD Big Navi Event

First off I don’t know much about GPU stuff but I’ll still cover it, at the end of the article I’ll link to other sources with more detailed reporting. Yesterday AMD held an announcement event where the detailed their new lineup of 6000 Series GPUs. 6000 Series has a bunch of new features Nvidia’s previous generation had and some new ones. The new GPUs are built on AMD’s 7nm process and will support Microsoft’s Direct Storage API. They also announced that the new gen GPUs will also have some fancy interfacing features with AMD GPUs. Specs 6800 6800 XT 6900 … Continue reading AMD Big Navi Event