Everything Announced At Today’s Nintendo Direct

3DS Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon: November 27th PokeBall New 2DS XL: November 3rd Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga: October 5th Yo-Kai Watch 2 Update:Tomorrow Final Yo-Kai Watch 2: September 29th Laytons Journey 3DS: January 19 2018 Minecraft: Today!!!!!!!!!!!! Eshop exclusive Mario Party: The Top 100: November 1oth Metroid Samus Returns: Friday Apolio Justice: Ace Aturney: No date announced orange and white New 2DS XL: October 6th Switch XenoBlade Chronicles 2: December 1 Splatoon 2 Update: Friday Fire Emblem Wariers: October 20t SnipperClips Plus: November 10th Morphies Law: this winter Rocket Leauge:This Holiday Areana Of Valour:Free beta coming this … Continue reading Everything Announced At Today’s Nintendo Direct