Sony@IFA 2016 

This  year at IFA Sony announced a new line of headphones the signature series Walkman and the Walkman  amp and stereo headphones. Today they also announced new noise canceling headphones. Today Sony also talked about a cool e-paper based smart watch A robot was also announced but not much information Today Sony Mobile announced the Xperia X series. Also talked about the Xperia Ear which is a in ear gesture based control. The Xperia Projecter is a Star Trek like holographic display. The Xperia X is the first smart phone a camera with a triple image. One of the sensors … Continue reading Sony@IFA 2016 

Acer@IFA 2016

At IFA Acer announced that they acquired a company called Pawbo. Pawbo is a remote monitoring device for pets Hub features allow a multi-camera system. it also has a night vision accessory and also a treat dispensor. Acer also announced new additions to their computer lineup, such as the Acer Swift 7. THis device has a 14 inch screen . Windows hello is compatable out of the box with a fingerprint sencor.Also 10 mm thin. THe strength of the screen was enhanced with grills glass. The sound is enhanced with dolby athmos Also announced a new Acer pretitor. In the new … Continue reading Acer@IFA 2016