Star Trek Discovery “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad” Review

By Sam Greenwood


The wpisode was really good. It had some easter eggs aluting to past Trek but also interduced som new stuff. But there is also the fact that this episode uses the\time loop torpe.


Harry Mudd uses a time crystal to trap Discovery inside a time loop in a attempt to figure out the starship’s secret and sell the ship to the Klingons. Paul Stamets is able to exist outside of the loop and figures out his plan. In the end, Mudd is handed over to Stella and her father.
Memory Alpha

My Review

I liked the episode gennerally, The storyline was good even though I think that the time loop trope is over used, but I give the writers credit for implimenting it in a crestive way. This episode chhanged my opinion about Harry Mudd in his last apperaence I thought that the character was better then he was in TOS (less annoying and stuff like that) but still the same in most ways, But after this episode I think that Mudd is being played as just outright evil. I think that the episodefits into canon pretty well

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