Star Trek Discovery Episode 4 “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry” Review

by Sam Greenwood 

“The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry” is the third episode of Star Trek Disvoery. I gennerally liked it.


The show starts with a pan out from the synthesis of ‘s uniform. Tilly brings in a box that is dinging it ends up being Georgiou’s will.Then she is called to the bridge to be told by Lorca to investigate the monster thing form the Glenn last episode. Cut to intro then commercials Then to the Klingon ship they are talking about the battle of the binary star

Then cut to the Discovery with in a lab studying the monster with the computer. Then the computer says it detected a genetic connection to the tardigrade then Landry walks in and tells Michael that she was assigned to work with her. The glenns logs were curupted so they have no idea of how the monster got there.

Lorca is weaponizing the monster. Lorca is eating and an admiral calls on the holophone and tells him about a destress call about a Klingon attack. The admiral tells Lorca to use the Spore Drive. In engineering Stamets tells Lorca that the glenn blew up because they hit a wall of hawking radiation as they exited the myselial network also the ship lost navigation control Then he shows Lorca other equipment that was salvaged form the glenn. One big pace of equipment mounted in the chamber that Lorca used to show what the spore drive does.

Saru jumps in and says that the Klingon will arrive at the planet within 5 hours. Back on the Klingon ship they are talking about what takuvmah(the Klingon killed in episode 2) said about the war. And one of them says “words don’t win wars”.


The spore drive is on but may not be able to control where they are going black alert and battle stations. The monster starts roaring when warp starts up/

The ship ends up at the wromgp lace ends up being a star. There end up being problems with the ship because of the star.

Michael mentioned that the monster reacted to the Spore Drice jump. Landry says it was probably just scared of the sun. Michael says it reacted before the jump. Michael says that it was most likely related the the spore drive its self/

The doctor is dermal regenerating Stamtes’s skull, Lorca walks in, they start arguing about stuff. Lorca says it not a science vessel a war ship Stamets says “” Lorca plays audio transition from the planet they are headed to. The planet is destroyed.

Landry tries to sedate the monster even though Michael thinks its a bad idea. Then Landry opens the pen the monster runs out she tries to shoot it but it just keeps running. Eventually throwing her. transports to sickbay

The Klingons are on the glenn exploring they find stuff but not what they are looking for

Back on the Discovery Saru and Michael are talking Michael apologizing for being selfish on the Shenzhou.  Now we find out that Landry was killed by that monster.

Tilly sneaks Michael spores to test her theory that the monster has something to do with the Spore Drive.

Landrey opens the monsters pen and puts the canister of spores down the monster just sits there

in engineering is analyzing the tricorders from the mission. The doors to engineering on the glenn were blown out. thinks that the monster escaped from there and that the monster has something to do with the spore drive. Theorizes that the monster con some how effect where the ship goes on the myselium network

They put the monster in the garden and notice that its doing some sort on synthesis. Now theorizes that the monster con outright control where the ship goes on the myselium network

back to the Klingon ship again talking about how the crew of the glenn died


Stamets and try connecting the monster to the equipment from the glenn and it works,  At the planet they try to defend but everything is going down. thhey do a spore jump so they aren’t noticed by the people on the planet. And to end the episode discovery Michael opens the will

The Spore Drive

The outer ring of the ship spins and recesses the spores.

The tardigrade can control the ships destination while on Spore Drive.


Other then the Spore Drive this episode fits in canon.

My Verdict  

This episode is good but I wish theat Landry didn’t die. The tardigrade seems to be an interesting part of the story.

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