Star Trek Discovery Episode 3 Review “Context Is for Kings”

“Context Is for Kings” is the third episode of Star Trek Disvoery. I gennerally liked it. The storyline worked gennerally well. it broke canon in a very inprotant way.


The story was good. I liked how the episode had a solid storyline, Charecter development was great. I like how the story picks up with Michael on a prison transport its an intersting way to start an episode of Trek. The Discovery saving the prison transport is an interesting way to introduce a ship. Then we find the prisoners being escorted to the mess hall. Then a fight breaks out and the chief of security points a phaser at Michael  but says that the captian wats to see her. The captian he says that he wants her to join the crew. Then while in her quarters Michael hears a Black Alert and asks her bunk mate what it us is but her bunk mate says that is Michael hasnt been briefed she can’t say. While on an away mission htey go to investigate the mysterious explosion they find some weird mosnter. Later in the episode she is brought top engineering and told that on this ship they are developing a new way to fly called the Spore Drive. After that to end the episode we find the captian in a menagerie with the monster that was found earlier and a Gorn skeleton.

The Spore Drive

Spore drive was an organic propulsion system the Federation experimented with during the 2240s and 2250s. The technology used mycelium spores harvested from Prototaxites stellaviatori fungus to jump or leap across the mycelial network.

Spore drive was based on the ideas of two collegues and friends, Paul Stamets and Straal, who had been working on it since 2244. They were eager to get to their veins and muscles that held the galaxy together.

Memoty Alpha



This episode is canonically flawed in multiple ways. Firstly the fact that the Spore Drive has never been mentioned before this seems weird because the writers said that they were stirctly sticking to canon. Also the aforementioned Gorn skeleton, the Gorn haven’t been met yet the TOS episode Arena was Earths first contact with them.

My Verdict  

This episode makes the show a definte must watech. If you dont\’t want to watch episdodes 1 and 2 this is definitely where to start.

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