Star Trek Discovery Episode 1 Review “The Vulcan Hello”

“The Vulcan Hello” is the first episode of Star Trek Disvoery. I gennerally liked it. The storyline worked gennerally well. I liked how it had lots of refrences to canon but also it broke canon in other ways.


The storyline was decent but didn’t seem like Star Trek because it didn’t seemto deal with real world problems. Generally the storytelling style was unlike Star Trek. All I could say is that it seems like the change of the Klingons is the least of my wories.


Canon seams to be intact there are lots of refrences to past canon. Like all the books on the shelf on the captians ready room are names after episodes of The Origional Series. In one scene there is a bottle of wine from Chateau Picard.

General Stuff

Ithought that the Vulcan Hello cincept its self was interesting. the design was great but didn’t match up with any canon.

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